Durham Aviation Accident Attorneys

Injured in a Plane or Helicopter Accident?

A small problem can quickly escalate into a major disaster when planes and helicopters are in flight. Serious injuries such as burns, brain injuries, and even death when an aircraft is falling from the sky due to an error.

Plane and helicopter crashes occur for many reasons, including:

  • Human error
  • Improperly trained pilots
  • Design defects
  • Poor maintenance
  • Preventable mechanical failure

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How We Can Help Your Aviation Accident Claim

Our Durham personal injury attorneys work with aviation engineers and crash experts to seek out witnesses and study the facts of your case. Though the NTSB and FAA are in charge of investigating airline accidents, they do not take the interests of injured parties into account while doing their research. Our team understands the type of evidence required to prove a claim, and how the mechanics of an aircraft can lead to an accident.

When investigating a plane crash, we examine evidence such as:

  • Cockpit records
  • Training records of the crew
  • Maintenance and inspection logs
  • Photos of the crash
  • Air traffic control records
  • Flight data recording records

For these reasons, it is essential to hire an attorney experienced in the details of aviation accident procedures to ensure there is a prompt and comprehensive review of liability issues. If you are injured in a plane or helicopter crash, the Durham personal injury lawyers at Twiggs, Strickland & Rabenau can help guide you through the entire legal process.

Victims of Negligence Have Rights

If you have been seriously injured or if you have lost a loved one in a plane or helicopter crash caused by someone else's negligence, you need strong legal representation to obtain the compensation you may deserve. With over 60 years of professional experience, we have the knowledge of the laws and have helped hundreds of clients with issues throughout North Carolina.

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