Why you won’t see these Research Triangle, NC lawyers on TV

For over 60 years, clients have found us based on the recommendation of other lawyers. Your family lawyer may have told you about Twiggs Strickland & Rabenau in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina after you were seriously injured. Another law firm may have sent you to us because your case was too big, too complex, or too expensive.

Maybe you relied on the recommendation of other attorneys in our field—their respect is why our lawyers are AV-rated in Martindale-Hubbell® Peer Review Ratings™, recognized in Best Lawyers in America, and listed as Super Lawyers in Charlotte Magazine or in a New York Times supplement.

One way you did not discover us is through a TV ad.

Why don’t we advertise on TV?

We are trial lawyers. We take cases hoping defendants will realize the harms they have done and pay up quickly. Some do. Most do not. When defendants do not take responsibility for the harms they caused our clients, we sue. Going through a lawsuit sometimes convinces a defendant to compensate our client. Most cases settle before trial.

But, there are some defendants who just will not accept responsibility—often these are the big corporations and large insurance companies. Perhaps they figure they have more money and more lawyers and can escape accountability if they just refuse to pay. They may be counting on the injured person giving up or accepting less than fair compensation. For these defendants, the way to make them pay fairly is to take them to trial before a jury.

So, what does this have to do with TV advertising?

The answer is simple. From our courtroom work and jury research we know many jurors dislike lawyer advertising on television. Too many ads promise huge recoveries for minor injuries. Some of these ads seem to suggest that a lawsuit is a ticket to wealth. We believe that these ads may make it harder for deserving clients to get fair compensation for real losses at trial if jurors who dislike lawyer advertising know of the injured person's lawyer from television ads. We do not take that chance with your case, which is why you will not see our firm advertising on TV. Our clients find us the old-fashioned way—based on our reputation and past results. So if you were wondering why you have never seen a TV commercial for Twiggs Strickland & Rabenau—now you know why.

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There are no legal fees unless you receive compensation for your loss.

At Twiggs Strickland & Rabenau we never charge any fee for our time and expertise in evaluating a personal injury or a wrongful death case. If we agree to take your case, we represent you on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay no legal fees unless we successfully resolve your case.

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